Benefits of Kid-Friendly Icons

There is constant learning even if a baby is still in the womb of a mother or the moment he is born. Kids have an amazing comprehension and how they process information or actions they sense or see to their surroundings, it’s a piece of cake for them. The knowledge in certain things is of course based on their age and mental development. 

Icons are part of every kid’s learning milestone. Kids are naturally very open-minded in everything and they get curious about things that surround them that is why learning is unstoppable. They have the gift of an initiative to learn on their own and that keeps on growing and becomes concrete learning as parents and educators give them the proper education they need. 

The use of icon resources can visually support understanding and development in the important areas of a child.  

  • Language and communication development

Icons can be used as a means of communication. You can teach and support language development. Or it can be by just playing or practically communicating with each other such as exchanging symbol images or visual cue. As an educator, you can initiate to activate engagement between you and your young learner.

  • Transition icons (situation change)

These icons are used to visually prepare kids for what will happen next, where to go or what to do. You can define how kids will behave in every situation given. You are teaching them to enhance their anticipation skills for them to prepare for the possible expected results.

  • Visual Routine Schedule 

These icons teach the child step-by-step activities to know in advance what is going to happen. It prepares the child to start things right and teaches how to be an organized person. It is effective when you include study lesson activities within a day. It starts with what activity to do first (pray), second (exercise), third (sing), and so forth… It supports the whole shift process. The child will look for another symbol and predict what will happen next.

  • Life Experience Skills

These icons test how a child accomplished his specific personal needs. You teach and develop the autonomous skills of a child individual. For example, hygiene tasks – taking a bath.

  • Emotional Management

These icons teach the child how to handle and respond to his emotions in a certain situation. It is a visual aid (types of basic emotions) and the child will point or pick an appropriate answer of what he will feel in a particular activity. 

  • Autonomous Skills

These icons are somehow related to life skills but this enables a child to initiate and finish assigned tasks as independently as possible. 

SAMPLE TASK: Give the child a task to make a sandwich unassisted (instead of making one for them)

There are also available educational apps that you can download with your smartphones:

Google Playstore Educational Apps for Kids

Apple Store Educational Apps for Kids

Icon creation works amazingly in the learning life of a child. It provides visual support and substantially enhances all areas of learning and independence. The specific purpose of icons has clarity, easy to recognize and interpret. 

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