Gaming Icons

Icons are mainly made by designers and programmers who use different techniques to make icon images. Today, even if you are not a professional designer or just a beginner, there is an icon maker that will help you create beautiful icons in minutes. As they are easily recognizable, these icons are an integral part of our daily lives. For example, icons are commonly used in the gaming industry, where they are known as game icons. 

  • There are many games available online that work on the principle of gaming icons and need to be installed to play the game. 
  • Game icons also play an important role in business as well as in society because these icons help in promoting games and businesses all over the world by using their recognition power to get more customers or users for their games or businesses. 
  • Gaming icons can be made in various shapes, sizes, and colors, like round-shaped ones, rectangular-shaped ones, square-shaped ones, etc., according to the choice of the designer who wants to create them. 
  • Game icons are not only used for promotion but also for decoration purposes, like placing them on your desktop screen or website, so that other people may get attracted to them and may click on them if they want to know more.

Your icons must describe these three words: 

  1. Simple (easy to recognize)
  2. Memorable (catchy)
  3.  Unique (distinctive)

Have you ever observed a symbol and thought, “Why did they choose this to be an icon for that subject?” Let’s take an example from the gaming industry. Tetris is a game that was published back in 1988 by Spectrum Holobyte. The game has a long history and is still one of the most popular games today. Tetris is a perfect example of how a simple graphic or icon can change the whole perspective of a product and make it the most successful one in the world. Its graphic is very simple: four blocks that are placed in such a way to form lines on the playing field; but there’s something more to it than just that. The developers have been actively engaged in marketing Tetris since its release, and each time they included one or another symbol (a T-shirt with Tetris symbols, mug, and many more), and now it’s easy to notice Tetris-branded products everywhere – from computer games to accessories for mobile phones. So what is behind all this? Why can’t we just enjoy the game and nothing more? The answer lies in psychology. Tetris was designed not only as a popular puzzle game but also as a perfect marketing tool.

The icon is the identity of a business, it is the identity of every brand. It is a visual representation of the product and its purpose. It is the first thing that people see, and it is their first interaction with you. Tons of icons are made in Photoshop or other graphic software, but there is nothing better than a well-designed icon. The process of creating a powerful icon starts with its idea. The idea might come from anything or anyone. You can think of an idea yourself, or ask your friends if they have any ideas for you to use as inspiration. Make sure you make notes on what you like about each idea because this will be valuable later on. Don’t start drawing the icon until you know what its main purpose is going to be. The main purpose can be anything like a logo, menu button, navigation button, etc. This way, you can focus on making something that suits that purpose best.

Utilizing a simple icon editor makes making icons a breeze! If you want to save more time, energy and brainpower GET STARTED TODAY!