The Importance of an Icon

There are so many icons in the world that help us every day. Everything we do becomes simpler because of icons. The image is simple and yet powerful. More than the language icons are universally understood. Sometimes we tend to forget the importance of icons and that they play an important part in our lives. Next time you see an icon, make sure to appreciate its existence. 

Icons are significant as road signs. We see everywhere and guides and warns us every day. We also think of it as a brand or product. While most of us think about icons as those tiny things on our phones or desktop computers. An icon is not always small. There is also a bigger one. But regardless of its size, it doesn’t matter as long as it is designed to be usable.

On the platforms Apple Store and Google Play Store you will see a massive scale of icons and you just need to choose and look for the icons that are familiar to you. Icons need to draw the attention of the user and get motivated to download it. If a user likes its functions then he will keep it.

There are lots of popular icons in the world. One is the apple icon. Everyone will think of an iPhone when you see this icon. You don’t think of fruit but a product. When you think of a coffee you think of a Starbucks coffee. This coffee shop has a famous icon. If you see a free WIFI icon you know it already and you take the chance to be connected. You will stay in that place over another especially if you still have work to do. And you will keep coming back to that place and become your favorite spot.

  • Icons have character 
  • Icons describe functions
  • Icons explain a story
  • Icons are simple but catchy
  • Icons help optimize navigation

Icons are amazing. The icons you see on your computer make everything simpler and faster. It is easier to navigate because of icons. When you are cooking and using an oven, the icon will tell you not to touch it because it is hot. On the microwave, there are icons that will guide you on how long you can heat food. Also when you are doing laundry, it guides you on how to wash different clothes depending on the fabric. When you are driving it guides you when your seatbelt is on. Icons improve our quality of life tremendously. They are iconic in the effective user interface.

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