What Makes an Icon Great

An icon is a powerful image and can be found everywhere. You can see icons in airports, public transportation, inside your car, hospital or medicine tools, household appliances, computers, and digital applications like you see on app stores. They are very useful to people because: 

  1. Icons guide us. Even if you are in a strange environment, go back and forth on your location, you can find your way by just following the icons around you.
  2. Icons warn us. On household appliances, it warns you to not touch or open the unit while using it for your safety. 
  3. Icons trigger actions. It tells you what to do at a specific time.
  4. Icons demonstrate condition. It will inform you when you need to recharge your phone or laptops.

Icons silently help us every day. They can be considered as our imaginary friends. They are part of our everyday living and we don’t realize that icons help a lot in many ways. On the other hand, on business, the icons you choose to use on your page or website will identify your brand or product. On app stores, there are massive icons and the user will just choose according to his preference. It can be personal, business, or work. If an icon is used correctly, it will enhance its usability, and users easily remember it. 

Icons are great in many ways:

  • Icons have the clarity and simplicity that easy to recognize and memorize
  • Icons create an identity without words
  • Icons are effective communication tools
  • Icons are easy to understand and catch a user’s attention
  • Icons provide character
  • Icons always add interest 
  • Icons are visually expressing objects. For example, for kids app, kids easily understand their function
  • Icons are a visual representation of actions or idea

Icons can be iconic. Just imagine your computer without icons, it is not easy to navigate. It will let you read more information on how to use some of it. When there are icons, it is easier to recognize and locate items or features. They are tiny but powerful and you can’t imagine them without icons. Icons such as emojis can express emotions and meaning from one person to another, and even in text, people use emojis instead of typing a word. It can be a form of communication. Icons can also be used as identifiable elements in navigating a website, thus making it easier to locate and follow certain information throughout the site. 

They are small but vital for the efficiency rate of any application or website. On the website, icons have a huge impact because it can affect the overall experience of a user. They have big roles in the digital world. And we will see more new icons soon.

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