Smartphones Revolution to Society

You can bring laptops everywhere but not as easily as smartphones. You can see people of all ages use smartphones for different purposes. It can be for business if:

  • you want to interact with your customers or vice versa
  • customers want to buy something from you
  • customers want to book for their travel
  • client or supplier wants to do business to business with you
  • you have online course offers and you need to teach your students remotely

It can be personal if:

  • you want to educate your child, family or yourself
  • you want to play games
  • you want to do online bank transactions
  • you want to see your online bills and wanted to pay online
  • you want to shop online
  • you want to search for jobs 
  • you want to edit videos and pictures 
  • you want to make resumes, invitations, postcards, logos, business cards, flyers, certificates, posters, etc.
  • you want to read interesting stories and digital books are just everywhere and so many to choose
  • you want to make a vlog or blog
  • you have an online class waiting for you as per school requirements
  • you want to interact with your friends and family
  • you want to track your daily fitness and health
  • you want to use Google map or other online app maps

All these are possible because of mobile apps services – with  the help of icon makers. It brings a huge impact on our daily lives, society, and the world. The ability to connect with each other is just amazing regardless of geography and very far different compared to before. It dramatically changed the cultural norms, practices, and individual behaviors of a person. The use of social media platforms is the major way to communicate aside from emails. When it comes to shopping online, we visit the different sites of the e-commerce industry. Using smartphones is just more than a device because of these extraordinary and powerful apps that we used. They are helping our lives to live better and be more human. Focusing on the positive things, taking advantage of technology capabilities give benefits to humankind.

  • Create better business opportunities. Smartphone vendors are not only the ones enjoying the business but also app developers or app development companies, telecommunications companies – internet service providers – and other related firms.
  • Ability to improve the quality of education. In this present situation because of the pandemic, using the internet together with smartphones, distance education became a daily routine for the students. It became an alternative way to deliver a different level of educational services and experience as face-to-face learning is still more helpful.
  • Gives reliable health information and facilities. People fond of tracking their daily fitness and health routines like:
  1. exercise – walking, and biking  
  2. diet – calories intake 
  3. blood pressure – heartbeat and body temperature monitoring 

For mental and emotional health, smartphones can aid in reducing your stress if you have a busy work life. Somehow it helps in supporting your work-life or school-life balance. You get to relax when you need it. You can interact with your friends and family, watch your favorite vlogs, listen to your favorite music, etc. For a piece of more useful information, with smartphones, you can update yourself from any news headlines, latest technology, and more. Whether in business, education, health, and social life, the smartphone revolution to society has limitless potential and creating an icon is the first step to make.

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